Gentle, soothing, calming essential oil blend spritzer for kiddos. This is great to spray in their rooms and on their pillows just before bedtime.


This natural plant medicine is made with the top sleep inducing essential oils: lavender, ylang-ylang, and chamomile. The scent is soft, semi-floral, a little spicy (like a carnation)/a little sweet, and crisply clean. (After it’s been sprayed, some people think it smells a little like puffy cotton candy). Overall, it induces a feeling of comfort and relaxation. It’s formulated for kids, but of course adults can use it, too! We use it a lot ourselves. 


2 oz amber glass spray bottle protects the essential oils from light, which prolongs the integrity of the natural plant medicine. 


Simple, pure ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel, vitamin e, and essential oils. No alcohol or chemicals. All natural. 


Lavender essential oil:

 -Relieves nervous tension

- Relieves pain

- Disinfects and freshens 

- Enhances blood circulation

- Treats respiratory problems

- Helps induce sleep


Ylang-Ylang essential oil:

- A highly effective mood enhancer and temporary antidepressant

- Effective at reducing cramps, tension, and stress

-Sedative that helps you fall asleep faster while soothing anxiety


Chamomile essential oil:

- Effective sleep aid that is a mild sedative, wards-off nightmares, combats insomnia. 

-Calming, anti-anxiety oil 

- Aroma serves as a natural antidepressant

- Combats inflammation and improves circulation


Just shake and spray. Great for a winter pick-me-up or summer cool down. You can also spray this on skin, but test if first (some people are allergic to lavender and chamomile). I also spray my pillows with these elixirs every night. Test linens before excessive use, though we’ve never had a problem. 


•Best deal: Because I ship USPS priority flat rate, the best deal is to order a few items all at once!


•Always use caution with any new fragrances. Test a small, less sensitive area of skin first. And pregnant or nursing women may want to avoid fragrances altogether, even essential ones. Please, ask your doctor first. 


👉None of these statements are approved by the FDA. The benefits of these essential oils are commonly known (feel free to research them online or at the library), but are by no means a cure and results may vary from individual to individual. 


Thank you. I truly, deeply appreciate your business. 



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