✨Stonehenge Stones are here!✨ And on SALE for only $15! Normally $18 per pouch. 


Limited Edition Semi Precious Gemstones! Once they’re sold out, that’s it. They’re gone for good. 

(NOTE: obviously, these stones are NOT chips off the actual Stonehenge stones nor were they excavated from Stonehenge ground. See actual details below).


These stones were brought (by us! See pics) to famous Stonehenge, England and placed on the grass/dirt and charged in full sun before the stones. The very special stones absorbed the ancient Druid energy through the earth and had time to get warmed by the bright summer sunshine (a rarity in the UK) just days before the full Buck Moon, which was also an incredible Blood Moon. The high vibrations were captured into each semi-precious crystal/stone and now they’re ready for your altar, window seals, doorways, pillows, or to carry as a talisman of strength and protection. 


Each pouch contains six genuine polished stones/crystals of varying sizes, colors, holistic/spiritual benefits. They generally range from 0.1” - 0.8” (the jasper are chips and therefore the smallest, ranging 0.1” - 0.5”. The rest range 0.3” - 0.8”). Each of these stones assists meditation and protection, but further benefits include: 


- AMETHYST: balancing, heals, good luck, calms, cleanses. 


- CLEAR QUARTZ: aids concentration, insight, energy, purifying, divination. 


- JASPER: courage, determination, tranquilly, nurturing, uncrossing. 


- LAPIS LAZUL: awareness, fidelity, eases headache pain, love, improves relationships. 


- OBSIDIAN: confidence, clairvoyance, joy, grounding, anti-depression/anti-anxiety. 


- ROSE QUARTZ: peace, detoxing, comforts grief, soothes anger, love. 


You may notice they have a grassy scent. This is just a natural remnant from the Stonehenge earth. And if you see a tiny strand or two of grass in your pouch, DO NOT throw it away, you lucky person, you. That’s from Stonehenge, too. Keep it and enjoy the ancient energy. 


*Photos are of the actual stones, but size and color will absolutely vary. These are natural wonders, no two will ever be the same. Some may be smaller, some may be larger. But all are genuine and all were at Stonehenge. 


*Limit three pouches per customer. 


*If you own an online retail shop or brick/mortar, the pricing is still the same. We price all of our enchantment goods (Enchantment Boxes, Herbal Wands/Smudge Sticks, Crystal Pouches, and Incense) at wholesale for everyone, all inclusively. If you are a retailer interested in buying in bulk, we may be able to provide a special discount. Message us for details. 


*These benefits are not endorsed by the medical association. The listed beliefs are commonly believed by specific/ancient communities, which you are welcome to further explore and discover on your own. We are not responsible for outcome. You are responsible for your own beliefs and actions. These are tools of nature, which you may use to enhance your life, according to free will, the threefold law, and karma. Due to regulations, I must clearly state these are sold as curios. I am not a doctor. These are not to be used to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness or unfortunate situation. 



SHIPPING: we only ship USPS priority flat rate. If you order more than a few larger items, you may get charged for the medium (instead of small box). But if everything fits in the small box, we happily do a partial shipping refund if there’s a shipping overage!! ✌️



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Stonehenge Stones

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