Refreshing essential oil spritzers. Freshen the air or linen, redirect bad vibes and stale energy, or use as a subtle, wearable aromatherapy. 


This listing is for the more complex, sophisticated blends (three - nine various essential oil notes per bottle):


-Pagan Moon: Earthy, Minty Magic, Anti-Anxiety Elixir

-Moonlight Flowers: Mysteriously Strange Florals, Anti-Anxiety Elixir

-Citrus Sunset: Cheerful Mediterranean Vacation, Anti-Anxiety Elixir

-Woodland Nymph: Woodsy Herbal Enchantment, Anti-Anxiety Elixir

-Calm Blue Ocean: Calming, Anti-Irritability Elixir.

-Sweet Dreams:  Magical Bedtime Elixir. Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot, Chamomile, and Citrus. Safe for kiddos, great for adults, too. Anti-Insomnia Elixir


Also comes in these single/double note blends (in a separate listing): 


-Lulling Lavender: Fresh, clean, and herbal. Promotes Rest & Relaxation.

-Tranquil Lemongrass: Citrusy, grassy, and warm, Stress Reducer & Mood Enhancer

-Rescue Rosemary Eucalyptus: Vibrant, herbal, and clean. Air Freshener, Germ Killer, & Relieves Stress/Pain/Sinus Pressure.

-Oregon Trees Breeze Forest: Woodsy, earthy, outdoorsy. Smells just like a wooded wonderland forest.. Calms & Focuses the Mind.


2 oz amber glass spray bottle. Simple, pure ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel, vitamin e, and essential oil. No alcohol or chemicals. All natural. 


DIRECTIONS: Just shake and spray. Great for a winter pick-me-up or summer cool down. Spray on your face, neck, or whole body. I also spray my pillows with these elixirs every night. Test linens before excessive use, though I've never had a problem. 


Product Info:

Witch Hazel:

- Astringent properties reduce oiliness in skin and shrink pores

- Reduces itching

- Fades bruises and blemishes

- Lessens puffiness under eyes

- Cools down sunburn


Vitamin E

- Antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals, which can otherwise damage cells

- Prevents the formation of wrinkles by blocking free radical damage

- Smooth rough skin by lubricating cell membranes and encouraging cell regeneration

- Strengthens nails and rehydrates cuticles


*BENEFITS of lavender essential oil: smells fresh, calming, and soothing. It disinfects skin, relieves pain, and eases anxiety. It also helps treat acne, promotes a more restful sleep, and is a natural bug repellent. Improves the appearance of scars while it also speeds up the healing time for various wounds and sunburn. 


•Best deal: Because I ship USPS priority flat rate, the best deal is to order a few items all at once!


•Men too: All of my sprays and soaps smell great on men too, as most are herbal, citrus, or woodsy scented-- especially the essential oil ones (the Luxurious Lavender, Luscious Lemongrass, and Orange Bliss are especially favored by men). And men need just as much care for their skin as women. Skin is not gender biased-- we all get wrinkles and have various epidermis issues! 


•And always use caution with any fragrances. Test a small, less sensitive area of skin first. And pregnant or nursing women may want to avoid fragrances altogether, even essential ones. Please, ask your doctor first. 


*Aromatherapy does not treat or cure any ailments/illnesses. We are not doctors, nor approved by the FDA. Our findings are based off of research, commonly shared/traditional beliefs, and decades of herbal studies. 




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