Have you tried salt and coffee shower scrubs yet? They're oh sooo delightful! The sea salt exfoliates and purifies, the coffee invigorates and improves circulation, and the coconut oil dramatically softens and conditions skin. 


Each jar is 4 oz. and lasts a long time. Suggested amount of scrub per shower is 1 Tablespoon, so that'll give ya 8 very invigorating, skin nourishing showers. We only use organic plant matter/powders, and essential oils. Nothing artificial or chemical. 


Usually, I slather my body with cocoa butter lotion after each shower, but with this scrub, I can totally skip that step. The oils keep my skin soft and smooth long after I rinse and dry off. Making this scrub like a wonderful two-for-one body care item! Multitask your skin-care regime. 




-Orange Mocha Latte

(the dried orange peel is great for a boost of Vitamin C and the unsweetened Dutch cocoa powder is a fantastic antioxidant). Smells so good you'll want to eat it (but we suggest you don't, silly).


-Cinnamon Vanilla Latte

(made with soothing vanilla extract and intoxicating cinnamon powder, which is another wonderful, natural antioxidant). A Portland Night Market favorite! Smells like a fancy, gourmet dessert, like a rich tiramisu. So yummy! 


-Peppermint Cocoa Latte

(made with real, shredded and dried coconut and peppermint essential oil). Minty freshness! The coconut is subtle, the peppermint is slightly tingly and wonderfully invigorating! 


Ingredients for each scrub vary depeding on the the scent, as indicated above, but the overall base includes: 

Dead Sea salt, Portland's own Proud Roots ground coffee (a company founded in 2017 by Erika Ellis, model/singer/"cool mom"/writer and former art director of Portland Night Market), coconut oil, Pink Himalayan salt, various natural plant matter and powders, rosemary essential oil, witch hazel, and Vitamin E.


The intoxicating scents will pull you in, and then the way our scrubs soothe and smoothe your skin will get you addicted. You'll adore this product! 


Suggested Health Benefits:


Himalayan pink salt

- Absorb minerals through your skin, including calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

- Inhaling steam from the bath can help your respiratory system, especially nasal congestion and sinus infections.

- Supports hormone balance

- Reduces symptoms from seasonal allergies

- Promotes better circulation

- Soothe bug bites and blisters

- Helps balance blood sugar

- Deep clean your skin with antiseptic and antibacterial properties

- Fight inflammation

- Help combat insomnia

- Helps concentration and reduces tension


Sea Salt

- Absorbs calcium to strengthen bones and nails

- Purifies pores

- Reduces acne

- Slows skin aging

- Combats fluid retention

- Calms nervous system

- Reduces cellulite

- Helps replenish potassium after exercise

- Balances skin moisture


Coconut Oil

- Antibacterial properties protect skin from potential pathogens

- Moisturizes skin

- Repairs damaged hair and reduces protein loss

- Improves cuticle health

- Soothes rashes or burns


Vitamin E

- Antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals, which can otherwise damage cells

- Prevents the formation of wrinkles by blocking free radical damage

- Smooth rough skin by lubricating cell membranes and encouraging cell regeneration

- Strengthens nails and rehydrates cuticles.


*Note: consistency of contents vary, depending on the climate/temperature. Store in a cool, dry place. 


*Shipping costs more because this item won't fit in a small USPS priority flat rate  box. And since it's glass, it requires extra protection. So feel free to buy a few or add other items, they'll all ship for the same medium sized, priority flat rate.*


SHIPPING: we’re currently only able to send these USPS priority flat rate in the medium (not the cheaper, small sized) box, so they’re well protected from dents/dings and come with tracking and insurance. That’s why shipping cost is higher. We are not profiting from shipping! We’re working on also offering a first class version as well. For now, just buy a few items at once and get the most out if your larger medium box! 


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Sea Salt and Coffee Natural Shower Scrub


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