Assortment of 4, minimum 3 each scent. $6 each, suggested retail: $12 each.


These multipurpose balms are a great compliment to the salts, spritzers, soaps, and lotions. Magical all-natural, essential-oil salves that are great for feet (especially dry/cracked heels), hands, beards, and lips. We even use this product on the ends of our hair, as a cuticle conditioner, on the neck and arms, and as a subtle, uplifting aromatherapy perfume.


Balms protect and penetrate the skin better than lotion alone. And the oils are great conditioners for hair and beards. 



Lulling Lavender 

Tranquil Lemongrass 

Celestial Litsea  (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

Orange Bliss 

Restorative Rosewood

Pagan Moon

Oregon Trees Breeze

Revitalizing Rosemary (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)




- Stress reducer and sleep aid

- Muscle relaxer for pain and ache relief

- Promotes headache relief

- Effective cleanser of all skin types

- Contains antiseptic and astringent properties

- Strengthens hair follicles to maintain hair health



- Relieves headaches and boosts mental clarity

- Rejuvenates skin, helping it look healthy and vibrant

- Known for its aphrodisiac properties

- Has antiseptic and mild pain relief properties


Litsea Cubeba:

- Uplifting to mood

- Calming properties to help relieve stress

- Invigorating scent wards off lethargy and sleepiness

- Has been used to aid in meditation



- Relieves nervous tension

- Relieves pain

- Disinfects the scalp and skin

- Enhances blood circulation

- Treats respiratory problems

- Helps induce sleep



- Enhances the immune system

- Boosts circulation

- Eases the pain of headaches or PMS-related symptoms

- Brightens mood

- Reduces pain and inflammation



- Excellent brain and nerve tonic to aid with concentration

- Stimulates hair follicles, making hair grow longer and stronger

- Beneficial for dry, flaky scalps

- Slows premature hair loss and graying of hair

- Tones skin and removes dryness


Cocoa Butter:

- Moisturizes skin for deep hydration

- Great source of antioxidants

- Soothes sensitive skin

- Diminishes scars and stretch marks

- Replenishes skin after exfoliation


Coconut Oil:

- Antibacterial properties protect skin from potential pathogens

- Moisturizes skin

- Repairs damaged hair and reduces protein loss

- Improves cuticle health

- Soothes rashes or burns


Apricot Kernel Oil:

- Rich in Vitamins A and E

- Soothes and heals rough, damaged skin

- Firms and tones skin

- Contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties

- Improves delivery of other essential oils and herbal agents



Vegan Wellness Wares 

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Multipurpose Miracle Essential Oil Balm (Minimum: Assortment of 6)


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