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100% plant wax with cotton wicks with high quality fragrances. 6 oz tins. Burn approximately 28-30 hours each.*


Many of these soothing, delightful creations match our bath soaks and perfume blends, so you can layer your wellness routines. 


The Full Moon line is made with high quality fragrance oils, so they smell a little stronger than the essential oil line. These are for people with no scent sensitivities, who want a bolder scent:


Flower Moon: Spring: tropical Hawaiian Pikake Flowers. Intoxicating and addictive. Smells fresh and floral.


Buck Moon: Summer: Lemon Verbena. Fresh, herbal citrus with a mild vanilla undertone. Smells like lemon cake with vanilla icing. 


Harvest Moon: Autumn: Pure, warm Vanilla. A smoky vanilla that smells like French vanilla ice cream with a hint of chocolate and coconut. Delicious! 


Wolf Moon: Winter: Ocean Waves scent. Smells fresh, clean, calming, and a little like salted cucumber. 


NEW! Crow Moon: Spring: Green Grass Smells exactly like a freshly mowed lawn in spring/summer. 


Using soy or coconut or plant wax instead of the traditional paraffin wax is the only truly healthy way to burn candles. Paraffin candles contain petroleum which is a carcinogen. Not only are they bad for the environment, they’re not healthy for your lungs or the lungs of your pets! 


*Follow burn direction on each candle to ensure its longevity. The first burn should last 1-2 hours, until the melted wax ring extends all the way to the edge. This helps the candle to burn evenly later on, instead of creating a sinkhole around the wick. 


PLEASE NOTE: we don’t make many candles in summer, so make sure to stock up winter/spring/fall!✨🕯✨


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Full Moon Fragrance Plant Wax Candles


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