Completely natural, simply/pure ingredients, vegan clay mask face powders. 


I hand-mix each powder in very small batches, and hand-grind the essential oils (and dried flower petals, in the case of Rejuvenating Rose) into each batch. I put a lot of love and care into them. 


Each 1 oz bottle will last for 6 facials! So that's under $4 per all-natural, no-chemical, purely nourishing home facial! 


Just add 1 tsp. liquid to 1 tsp. powder in a cup, mix until its muddy and use a clean make-up brush or fingertips to apply to face. Liquids or other items we recommend mixing the powders with: distilled water, coconut milk, avocado, aloe vera juice, cooled tea (herbal or black/green), but you could also experiment with mashed cucumber, oatmeal, shea butter, cocoa butter, etc. 


Each formula is created with the best, highest quality, antioxidant clays. The ingredients in each powder is capable of fighting wrinkles, toning, deep cleaning pores, decreasing inflammation, soothing eczema, improving elasticity, fighting blemishes, and feeding your face with numerous vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Iron, EGCG, and many others. And the essential oils used are the top ones known to nourish skin and they're also beneficial for their individual suggested aromatherapy products, which you are welcome to google and research on your own. 


Although they all boast similar benefits, Rose is especially formulated to work as an anti-aging mask. Grey is great for a deep clean. Green is great for extra vitamins and minerals. 


-Rejuvenating Rose: 

Red Clay, Ground Oats, 

Rose Petal & Rose Hip 

& Hibiscus Powder, 

Rosewood & Rose 

Essential Oil. Witch 

Hazel. Vitamin E. 


-Detoxifying Grey:

White Clay, Black 

Activated Charcoal, 

Ground Oats, 

Ground Chamomile, 

Ylang-Ylang Essential 

Oil, Witch Hazel. 

Vitamin E. 


-Cleansing Green: 

Green Clay, 

Ground Oats, 

Green Tea Powder, 

Patchouli Essential 

Oil, Witch Hazel. 

Vitamin E.


(And citrus and lavender ones will be on their way soon)! 


Directions: mix, apply all over face except eye area, and leave it on until it is nearly dry: about 15 minutes. Rinse over a sink (or in the shower) with warm water or with a warm, wet washcloth. Massage and gently scrub the face as the mud loosens up and becomes smooth again. Clays tend to dry the skin, that's why we also add oats and oils to help out moisture back, but we still recommend using a moisturizer afterwards. We actually advocate for using a good moisturizer every time you wash your face, even with soap. 


Each 1 oz. jar contains about 6-8 uses, if you are following the 1 tsp. method, but feel free to use more. We find 2-3 tsps, to be a little too much, but it's up to you and your needs!


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