These delightful creations are our proprietary blend essential oil wearable aromatherapy “perfumes.” We use a whole 1/2 of the bottle for just the essential oils, adding just enough carrier oil to make them skin-safe, but truly give you your money’s worth!


Each fragrance is hand blended, drop by drop! Yes, DROP BY DROP. We’re perfectionists! 😊 


You can call it perfume or cologne, but we prefer to think of these elixirs as natural medicine/ wellness wares. Since they are pure, all-natural, and totally plant 🌱based, they’re real aromatherapy, which means they offer therapeutic benefits. Free from chemicals, synthetics, dyes, unnatural preservatives, and zero animal cruelty. We use these to inspire positive vibes and redirect energy. 


👉The scents:


🦋 Dancing Butterfly: (smells like spring: citrusy, grassy, herbal). Very cheerful and uplifting.


👩‍🎤 La Vie Boheme (which means The Bohemian/Art Life: smells like fall; dark and sensual, earthy, woodsy, and herbal).  Very mysterious and enchanting. 


🌲Pagan Moon 🌙 (our most popular scent overall, it’s earthy, minty magic!). Very unique and unisex, invigorating but calming at the same time. 


🥀Luna Azul (featuring florals notes and vanilla, formerly called Sultry). Very sensual, sexy, and romantic. This alluring scent is also very comforting and warm. You don’t need to wear it to attract others, wear it to please yourself. 


🌳 Oregon Trees Breeze (woodsy layers of bark and pine needle essential oils). Smells just like the forest. Very woodsy, outdoorsy.


🍋 Celestial Litsea: (layers citrus merge with woodsy florals and subtle florarl). Very lemony, jopyous, and zesty. 


🌹Restorative Rosewood (floral notes of roses and earthy, woodsy layers). Soft but earthy and very romantic. 


🌿Peaceful Lavender Rose (herbal and wood notes mixed with soft florals). Spiky, fresh, clean, but grounded in a subtle, soft floral. 


All come in a fractionated coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, and vitamin e base, so they’re healthy and nourishing for your skin. Long ago, we used almond or grape seed oil, but found they were eventually too overpowering (smelled like old, almost rancid olive oil to our sensitive noses) with the EO’s and we want the EO’s to shine, and this oil blend is virtually scentless. Yay!


When I first started making aromatherapy in 1999, my main focus was roll-on perfume and soap. Obviously, I’ve branched out a lot since then, but these are still one of my strongest passions. 


You may have smelled them at the fabulous, quarterly event Portland Night Market! There, the favorites were definitely Restorative Rosewood, La Vie Boheme, Sultry, Pagan Moon (our best selling spritzer), and Cho No Megami. Although men tend to prefer/buy for themselves the Oregon Trees Breeze, Celestial and Pagan Moon. All very different, all totally enchanting. 


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Essential Oil Wearable Aromatherapy Blends


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