May this box bring you much protection, cleansing, purification, guidance, healing, luck, and peace. Specifically designed to create a little magick in your life, these ritual kits are a great addition to your spiritual altar, as a gift, or to take with you while traveling.



- BLUE VELVET POUCH (containing 3 magickal, genuine gemstones listed below). The color blue symbolizes the sky and the sea. Blue inspires calm, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and healing. Blue is also thought to aid prophetic dreams and assist astral projection.

- AMETHYST: balancing, heals, protects, calms, cleanses.

-BLUE AGATE: powerful healing stone, opens communication, soothes, grants mental clarity, brings good luck.

-GREEN BLOODSTONE: detoxes, purifies, releases negative energy, cleanses, attracts love.

-WHITE CANDLE: protection, positivity, spirituality, safety, light.

-UNDILUTED ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL VIAL: The color orange symbolizes kindness, balance, optimism, ambition, and warmth. This EO is believed to combat depression, reduce pain, brighten a dark mood, inspire creativity, and it’s also a mild sedative. Not meant for consumption, just aromatherapy.

-CEDAR or GARDEN SAGE WITCH WAND/HERB STICK (Directions & properties/benefits on scroll).


People ask me, “What is an Enchantment Box?” Well, the best way I can answer this is to say it’s a vehicle for redirecting energy. Much like quantum physics, but with a spiritual layer.


🔮So, once again, our box contains gemstones that have bathed in the moon, sun, and salty air on the Oregon Coast, a ritual tea-light candle, a vial of essential oil, a smudge stick/herbal wand of organic sage or cedar and lavender and rosemary (grown and dried in NE Portland by us), as well as specific instructions on how to use these tools, which include haiku-formatted mini-spells. A lot of love and care goes into these! ❤️


✨You can’t get this kind of attention to detail from mass-manufactured goods!


✨We take this seriously and a lot of art and a ton of heart goes into each box. We really want you to enjoy these. We grow and harvest our own organioc plants with much respect, care, love, and intention. 


SHIPPING: we only ship USPS priority flat rate. If you order more than one box or additional items, you will get charged for the medium (instead of small box). But if everything fits in the small box, we’ll do a partial shipping refund ✌️


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Celtic Enchantment Box


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