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Diffuser oils! People kept asking us, so we finally did it! We now have diffuser oils! 


👉FYI... can also use these in your bath! As well as anointing/ dressing your candles!



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All natural, 100% pure essential oil blends based off of our most popular bath soaks, spritzers, balms, EO wearable plant medicine blends, soaps and candles! Aromatherapy is ONLY therapeutic if you’re using 100% PURE essential oils, not fragrances! Fragrances smell yummy (although many people are fragrance sensitive and get headaches, sweling, and itchiness from them), but to get the true plant medicine and wellness benefits, you must be using real essential oils, not syntheitics. 


Currently you can choose from:


-Peaceful Lavender Rose: a clean, earthy, semi-herbal floral essential oils blend* of 40/42 lavender EO and rose essential oil.

*(This oil blend costs more and only comes in a smaller .5 ml. bottle because it takes 6,000 roses to get just 16 oz. of essential oil! And 250 lbs of lavender for 1 oz. of lavender oil). 

👉Price for 5 ml: $20


-Tranquil Citrus (lemongrass and citrus): an uplifting, grassy, citrus essential oils blend. 

👉 Price for 10 ml: $15


-Oregon Trees Breeze: woodsy and calming (smells just like the forest!) essential oils blend. 

👉 Price for 10 ml: $15


-Pagan Moon: earthy, minty magic (our most popular spritzer scent!) essential oils .

*(this blend costs more because they involve more expensive oils. But it is the larger 10 ml. size still, unlike Lulling Lavender Rose and Restorative Rosewood, which are 5 ml. 

👉Price for 10 ml: $19


-Celestial Citrus Ylang:  (Litsea Cubeba and Ylang-Ylang). Smells lemony with subtle notes of jasmine-like floral. Cheerful and happy, a great daytime diffuser scent.

👉Price for 10 ml: $18


-Eucalyptus Citrus: (Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange) herbal, citrusy, and invigorating. A perfect wintery or springtime scent. It smells fresh and cheerful. Great for clearing stuffy sinuses suffering from cold or allergy. 

👉 Price for 10 ml: $15


-Restorative Rosewood: (Rosewood and a touch of Rose): very unique floral blend! Rose merged with a deep, woodsy scent. Great alternative to the Lavender Rose as it’s very soothing and great for sleep. Note: this is for 5 ml, because these oils are very rare and precious. Use mindfully. 

👉Price for 5 ml: $20



All are refreshing and inspire a positive mood.


They smell fresh, clean, earthy, and herbal. Simply made with natures own goodness. 


Suggested Health Benefits:


Rose Essential Oil:

- Soothing scent that inspires relaxation

- A calming scent

- Anti anxiety


Lavender Essential Oil:

 -Relieves nervous tension

- Relieves pain

- Enhances blood circulation

- Treats respiratory problems

- Helps induce sleep


Lemongrass Essential Oil:

- Stress reducer and sleep aid

- Promotes headache relief


Orange Essential Oil:

- Enhances the immune system

- Boosts circulation

- Eases the pain of headaches or PMS-related symptoms

- Brightens mood

- Reduces pain and inflammation


Cedar Essential Oil:

- Keeps hair follicles healthy and prevents hair loss (when used in the bath)

- Anti-inflammatory effects help with joint pain and arthritis (as a bath oil)

- Aids in decongestion and relief for respiratory issues

- Reduces tension and stress


Rosewood oil:

- Relieves headaches and boosts mental clarity

- Rejuvenates skin, helping it look healthy and vibrant

- Known for its aphrodisiac properties

- Has antiseptic and mild pain relief properties

- Very rare oil. Use mindfully and respectfully. 


Litsea Cubeba oil

- Uplifting to mood

- Calming properties to help relieve stress

- Invigorating scent wards off lethargy

- Has been used to aid in meditation


Ylang-Ylang oil

- A highly effective mood enhancer and temporary antidepressant

- Help prevents signs of aging and restores healthy glow to skin (as bath oil)

- Energizing scent fights fatigue and body aches

- Effective at reducing cramps, tension, and stress



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