Normally $22 each, this listing is for 2 jars of our 8 oz soaks (shipping requires a medium USPS flat rate box, so we can’t sell them individually). So, buying 2 at once means you also save $! 


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We oven-bake our salts at a low temperature to increase potency and longevity of the scent.  


Practice self care by using soaking salts:


•The Le Noir Bleu complete line of relaxing, rejuvenating bath soak salts, now available in sets of two in aesthetically pleasing thick glass jars. 


•Baths are not just for washing. Used with the right salt, essential oil, and organic plant matter combinations, they're incredibly therapeutic. Various types are specifically believed to help soothe, calm, and relax the mind. They can ease sinus issues, soften skin, reduce itching, decrease insomnia, reduce wrinkles, combat pain and sore muscles, and many other wonderful qualities. 


•No tub? No problem! You can still benefit from the wonderful aromatherapy and salt benefits by soaking your feet (google reflexology!) in the product and warm water just using your sink or a couple of big pots. 

👉We also sometimes use these salts as a wonderful shower scrub! They work great!


•Each salt comes with a mesh organza bag, so that the plant matter doesn't go rouge all over your tub and cause you to spend precious time cleaning. And bonus, after the salts melt in the bag (in the tub) and the plant matter is heated by the warm water, you can air-dry the plant matter in the bag and repurpose it as potpourri or a sachet or even compost. 


•Each 8 oz jar contains 4-16 baths, depending on how strong you like your soak. We recommend using 2-4 tablespoons per bath, but you can always use more or less, depending on your preference. 


•These jars require a USPS medium, flat rate priority box (picking more than 6 may result in higher shipping if a bigger box is needed), so ordeer a few items at once. 


•Each soak comes with the same natural, vegan, handmade, therapeutic salt ingredients. I simply use: high quality 

Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salts, and Vitamin E. Then I add various organic plant matter and simple, pure essential oils: 


•The Line:


•Peaceful Lavender Rose: pure Lavender and Orange essential oils, real/organic Rose petals and Lavender buds. Smells clean, soothing, and fresh. 

Pain reducer, immune boaster. Relives pain, insomnia, depression. 


•Tranquil Lemongrass Chamomile Orange:  pure Lemongrass and Sweet Orange essential oils, real/organic Chamomile and dried Lemongrass. 

Smells very cheerful and uplifting. Antidepressant, anti anxiety, pain reliever. 


•Oregon Trees Breeze Forest: pure essential oils of Cedar and Fir Needles. 

Smells just like a lush forest. Great for balancing and grounding. With locally sourced calendula flowers and red clover. 


•Eucalyptus Rosemary Rescue: pure Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange essential oils and local, organic rosemary leaves. 

Smells like a relaxing spa. Great for colds, allergies, or invigorating a weary body/mind. With juniper, spearmint, and white willow bark. 

Sinus and pain reliever, combats fatigue. 


•Celestial Citrus Floral: Litsea Cubea, Rose, and Rosewood essential oils, organic dried Rose petals and dried Calendula. 

Cheerful, lemonyy, floral, clean. Aids Meditation & Wards Off Lethargy.


•Restorative Rosewood: Rosewood and Rose essential oils, organic dried Rose petals, dried Blue Cornflower. 

A rosy, flower garden delight grounded in woodsy earthiness. Soft and soothing. Rejuvenating, Relieves Pain, & Promotes Clarity.


•Luna Azul Vanilla Floral: Rose and Ylang-Ylang essential oils, organic rooibos herbal tea, organic vanilla bean, and rose petals. 

Soothing, sensual, and romantic. Smoky, comforting, alluring, antidepressant. 


•Radiant Fennel Basil Grapefruit Verbena 

Grapefruit and Fennel and Basil EOs, Dried Organic Lemon Verbena, Fennel, & Lemon Peel. 

Spicy, herbal, and citrusy. You'll feel vibrant but calmed. Aids focus, boosts concentration, fights wrinkles. 



•Salts Benefits:

Epsom salts have been used for hundreds of years to benefit the body, mind, and soul. Epsom salts are known to:

- Softens skin

- Exfoliates

- Ease stress and anxiety

- Soothe muscle pain, cramps, aches, and inflammation

- Help regulate electrolytes to facilitate proper functioning of muscles and nerves

- Improve blood circulation

- Relieve itching from sunburn or poison ivy

- Boost magnesium and sulfate in your body

- Decrease swelling

- Exfoliate dead skin

- Prevent water retention and reduce bloating

- Soothe sprains and bruises


Himalayan pink salt

- Absorb minerals through your skin, including calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

- Inhaling steam from the bath can help your respiratory system, especially nasal congestion and sinus infections.

- Supports hormone balance

- Reduces symptoms from seasonal allergies

- Promotes better circulation

- Soothe bug bites and blisters

- Helps balance blood sugar

- Deep clean your skin with antiseptic and antibacterial properties

- Fight inflammation

- Help combat insomnia

- Helps concentration and reduces tension


Sea Salts have been used for therapeutic effects for thousands of years and has no side effects.

Sea salt:

- Absorbs calcium to strengthen bones and nails

- Purifies pores

- Reduces acne

- Slows skin aging

- Combats fluid retention

- Calms nervous system

- Reduces cellulite

- Helps replenish potassium after exercise

- Balances skin moisture


Vegan Wellness Wares 

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