I’ve spent a long time developing an anti-irritability spritzer and here is it!


Calm Blue Ocean 🌊


A special blend of the top, pure essential oils believed to soften irritability (often caused by stress, pain, and hormonal fluctuations) and improve overall outlook. One of the EO’s in this formula is the only one know to also help specifically with PTSD and another is believed to subdue nightmares.*


*These are suggested benefits known in the world of aromatherapy, they are not approved by the FDA or doctor recommend. They are also by no means a cure or replacement for traditional medicine or therapy!


It’s soft, semi-sweet, a little floral, slightly herbal, slightly citrusy, and a little fruity. Someone said it smells a little like bubblegum or Juicy Fruit gum. 😊 I can see that, but it’s also herbal with a hint of floral. 


KEY INGREDIENTS include ylang-ylang and chamomile. NO LAVENDER. Like our Pagan Moon spritzer, this blend is formulated without lavender, for those who were allergic. Lavender is a great flower for slope and relaxation, but some people can't tolerate it, so we like to develop alternatives for those folks. This is one of them. 


Also available in: 

-Pagan Moon: Earthy, Minty Magic, Anti-Anxiety Elixir

-Moonlight Flowers: Mysteriously Strange Florals, Anti-Anxiety Elixir

-Woodland Nymph: Woodsy Herbal Enchantment, Anti-Anxiety Elixir

-Citrus Sunset: Cheerful Mediterranean Vacation, Anti-Anxiety Elixir. 

-Sweet Dreams:  Magical Bedtime Elixir. Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot, Chamomile, and Citrus. Safe for kiddos, great for adults, too. Anti-Insomnia Elixir


Also comes in these single/double note blends (in a separate listing): 


-Lulling Lavender: Fresh, clean, and herbal. Promotes Rest & Relaxation.

-Tranquil Lemongrass: Citrusy, grassy, and warm, Stress Reducer & Mood Enhancer

-Rescue Rosemary Eucalyptus: Vibrant, herbal, and clean. Air Freshener, Germ Killer, & Relieves Stress/Pain/Sinus Pressure.

-Oregon Trees Breeze Forest: Woodsy, earthy, outdoorsy. Smells just like a wooded wonderland forest.. Calms & Focuses the Mind.


•These are not perfumes. They are not synthetic. We call them wearable aromatherapy. They are vegan. They are tested on humans, never on animals. These spritzers are all natural. You can wear them as a light perfume if you like, but the scent may be rather faint. For something stronger, try our 1/3 oz roll-on bottles of pure essential oil blends. You're also welcome to just spray them in the air to create a harmonic balance or rid a space of bad vibes or negativity. 


•A few more notes regarding essential oils, just to be totally thorough:


•Keep in mind that this is a pure essential oil blend, not a synthetic one. Therefore, while it boasts many environmentally and natural benefits, the scent may not be as strong or as long lasting on the skin as a synthetic. The wood and herbal notes do carry on long after the citrus though.  


•Essential oils generally cost more because the natural materials and distillation process is more costly. That said, not all synthetics are bad. Many synthetics are often derived from natural compounds, these compounds are simply separated and/or manipulated, then concentrated. Not all synthetics are completely manufactured from lab chemicals. There are pros and cons to "synthetics" and "essentials" and are therefore really just a matter of preference. People can also be equally allergic to either. All that said, for the purposes of aromatherapy, it's very important to use pure essential oils. 


•And always use caution with any fragrances. Test a small, less sensitive area of skin first. And pregnant or nursing women may want to avoid fragrances altogether, even essential ones. Please, ask your doctor first. 


•SHIPPING: Best deal: Because I ship USPS priority flat rate which includes insurance/tracking in the U.S, order a few items at once. Whatever fits in a USPS box, ships for one flat rate. You are responsible for customs, tracking, and insurance once items reach your country. 


<3 Dang, I love essential oils! <3


Thank you very much. I truly, deeply appreciate your business.


Proudly Made in Portland, Oregon 




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Calm Blue Ocean Special Blend Essential Oil Spritzers 2 oz.


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