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Plant based, luxurious body oil. 

For daily moisturizing or massage. Special skin-loving, non-greasy formula soaks right into the skin, leaving it soft and well nourished. 


Simple, pure, natural, plant based ingredients: 

apricot kernel oil, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, woodsy/earthy essential oil blend, and vitamin e, with recyclable plastic.

All oils are absolutely high-end and totally luxurious. The absolute gold standards of oils. 


small batch vegan wellness wares


Available in: 

4 FL OZ / 118 ML $22 each*


8 FL OZ / 236 ML $44 each (as custom request) 


Available scents:


•Lulling Lavender 

(A sharp, herbal, and very clean scent. A 40/20 lavender essential oil dominates this calming blend).


•Oregon Trees Breeze 

(Notes of fresh pine merge with soft, woodsy notes like cedar to create an oil that smells exactly like a verdant forest).


•Pagan Moon

(Earthy minty magic. This blend is notes soothing earthy notes merged with fresh herbs and peppermint. It tingles while it relieves anxiety).


•Restorative Rosewood

(This unique blend merges delicate, powdery floral notes with softly peaceful woodsy laters. Not exactly floral, but whispers of rose petals float through the earthy/woodsy base).


•Tranquil Lemongrass 

(Grassy notes breeze through subtle citrus, making this relaxing scent a great alternative to lavender. It’s a soft citrus, cheerfully calming and refreshing).


(Currently unavailable. Send DM if interested): Celestial Citrus Ylang 

(Citrus oils like lemony Litsea cubeba mixed with exotic florals like Ylang-ylang. Very uplifting). 


(Currently unavailable. Send DM if interested): Ceremony Palo Santo Sandalwood

(Powdery Sandalwood mixes with woodsy essential oils like Palo Santo make this an exceptionally earthy, spiritual blend).


*Ceremony only comes in 2 FL OZ, due to the exceptionally expensive nature of pure Palo Santo and Sandalwood essential oils. These are not fragrances, all scents are 100% essential oil blends containing zero synthetics, zero chemicals, and zero anything artificial.




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