Bath soak salts 8 oz clear jar. Assortment of 6, minimum 2 each scent, suggested retail is $20-$22 each).


Ingredients: Epsom, Sonoma Sea, Crystalizedand Pink Himalayan Salts with various plant matter and essential oils (see lists below) and Vitamin E. Comes in a thick, aesthetically-pleasing clear glass jars (also available in a protective amber apothecary glass jars which helps preserve the integrity of the essential oils, better guarding it from light and air) and a reusable organza strainer bag inside. The clear glass is great for gifts and if your salts will be on display, but kept out of too much direct sunlight. This organza bag is a nifty way to repurpose the plant matter later as a lovely sachet, potpourri, or even compost! 


We oven-bake our bath soaks to ensure potency, dryness, and longeity of the product. Sure, it takes longer, but the results are worth it! 


How long will a jar last?: An average bath only needs about 2-3 tablespoons, but some people use as little as 1 T. or as much as 4 T. per bath, so each jar can last anywhere from 4-16 baths since there are 16 Ts. in 8 oz.


The line (currently 8 scents, there's something for every mood and medicinal need):


*1. Peasceful Lavender Rose Orange: Lavender and Sweet Orange essentila oils. With organic dried Rose petals and Lavender buds.

Pain reducer, immune boaster. Relives pain, insomnia, depression. 


*2. Tranquil Lemongrass Chamomile Orange: Lemongrass and Sweet Orange essential oils. With my own local organic dried Lemongrass reeds and Chamomile flowers.

Very cheerful and uplifting, a best seller. Antidepressant, mood enchancer, anti-anxiety, pain reliever.


*3. Oregon Trees Breeze Forest: Cedar and Fir Needle essential oils. With locally sourced organic dried Calendula flowers and Red Clover.

Smells just like a lush forest. Great for balancing and grounding. Another best seller.

*4. Rescue Rosemary Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus, White Camphor, and Sweet Orange essential oils. With my own local organic dried Rosemary sprigs/leaves, Juniper Berries, Spearmint, and White Willow Bark. 

Great for colds, allergies, or invigorating a weary body/mind. Sinus and pain reliever, combats fatigue. 


*5. Luna Azul Vanilla Rose Ylang: Rose and Ylang-Ylang essential oils. With dried organic vanilla bean, roobios tea, ground oats, rose hips, and rose petals. Slightly smoky, very alluring and romantic. This one makes your hair and skin extra soft and glowing.

Soothing, sensual, antidepressant. 


*6. Radioant Fennel Basil Grapefruit: Grapefruit and Fennel and Basil essentilal oils. With dried organic Lemon Verbena, Fennel, & Lemon Peel. 

Vibrant but calming. Aids concentration, boosts focus, fights wrinkles. 


*7. Restorative Rosewood: Rosewood essenial oil. WIth dried organic Pink and Red Rose petals and Blue Cornflower. Soft yet spirted, it's an unforgetably unique and hopelessly seductive. Woodsy but floral with just a hint of tartness. It's addictive. Rosewood is known for its aphrodisiac quaility, but it'd also great for pain relief and rejuvenates skin. Ooo la la, bring on the amour.  


*8. Celestial Citrus Floral: Litsea Cubea and Rosewood essemntial oils. With organic, dried Rose petals, Jasmine Flower Buds, Blue Cornflower petals. Vibrantly colorful, this one is as visually pleasing as it is a delight to the olfactory. Fruity but flowery, this scent is joyful and crisp mixed with a tangy, upbeat/zesty citrus pop to it. Wards off lethargy, aids meditation, uplifting, calming. 





Health Benefits of Epsom Salts:

Epsom salts have been used for hundreds of years to benefit the body, mind, and soul. Epsom salts are known to:

- Softens skin

- Exfoliates

- Ease stress and anxiety

- Soothe muscle pain, cramps, aches, and inflammation

- Help regulate electrolytes to facilitate proper functioning of muscles and nerves

- Improve blood circulation

- Relieve itching from sunburn or poison ivy

- Boost magnesium and sulfate in your body

- Decrease swelling

- Exfoliate dead skin

- Prevent water retention and reduce bloating

- Soothe sprains and bruises


Health Benefits of Himalayan pink salt:

- Absorb minerals through your skin, including calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

- Inhaling steam from the bath can help your respiratory system, especially nasal congestion and sinus infections.

- Supports hormone balance

- Reduces symptoms from seasonal allergies

- Promotes better circulation

- Soothe bug bites and blisters

- Helps balance blood sugar

- Deep clean your skin with antiseptic and antibacterial properties

- Fight inflammation

- Help combat insomnia

- Helps concentration and reduces tension


Sea Salt:

Salt from the sea have been used for therapeutic effects for thousands of years and has no side effects:

- Absorbs calcium to strengthen bones and nails

- Purifies pores

- Reduces acne

- Slows skin aging

- Combats fluid retention

- Calms nervous system

- Reduces cellulite

- Helps replenish potassium after exercise

- Balances skin moisture



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